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12 Travel Tips from Recording artist and Traveling Expert, Roja$

When Dominican recording artist Roja$ isn’t recording new music, it’s a good chance he’s traveling. Since he’s a frequent traveler, we thought we would ask him to share a travel guide with 12 dos and don’ts that you can use as you start to plan your next trip.

Tip #1
Always leave to go to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight. You never know how long it will take to get through security or if you realize you forgot something for your trip, you have time to adjust.

Tip #2
Try not to overeat or drink before you get on a plane, especially if you’re
riding coach, having to use the restroom on a plane is inconvenient.

Tip #3
If you’re taking a road trip, check the whip before you leave to make sure
you’re not going to break down and get stuck somewhere.

Tip #4
Bring portable chargers for your electronics, you can always buy a charger wherever you go but I just don’t like to waste money on things I already have.

Tip #5
If you’re staying at a hotel, call the hotel right when you book to let them
know your room preference. I like a view, so I always try to get a high floor.

Tip #6
Keep tequila nearby; I prefer Don Julio or Patron Silver with sour and a

Tip #7
When you get to your destination take time on your first day to pick up your necessities, (Liquor, Snacks, Water, Cigars) so each day when you head out you can pack a small bag with what you need so you’re not making stops and wasting time.

Tip #8
Wake up as early as possible each day and hit the best local coffee spot, or tea if you prefer, and start planning your day over breakfast.

Tip #9
Research your destination before you leave to see if there’s a place that you want to see or visit. You can also check out the clubs, make your dinner reservations, or find where the best drink spots are that fit your vibe.

Tip #10
Be smart with choosing to rent a car or take Uber or Lyft. You can spend a
a lot of cash real fast if your plans are spread out over the city and prices with the apps can surge randomly, so do some math and estimating beforehand.

Tip #11
When you get to the bar, tip generously to your bartender at your first drink, they will pay more attention to you and prioritize you over other guests; you might end up with some free shots or drinks.

Tip #12
Don’t make plans with people you meet while on vacation. Even if you’re
good at reading people, you could get caught up in someone else’s problems and ruin your plans.

Do you have tips that should be added? Are you using any of these tips now? Let us know or comment below. Follow Roja$ on Instagram and listen to his latest single “Moving On” available everywhere now.