The Sonos Era 300 Speaker

Sonos will be the first company to offer Apple Music’s immersive spatial audio experience to users in their living rooms

Sonos has announced that starting on March 28th, its Era 300, Arc, and Beam (Gen 2) speakers will support Apple Music’s spatial audio. This means that Sonos users will now have access to an immersive, multi-dimensional sound experience that places them at the center of their music.

Before this announcement, Sonos only supported spatial audio through Amazon Music Unlimited. With Apple Music’s spatial audio being added, the potential audience for Sonos has doubled. According to Statista, Amazon had 13.3% market share in the second quarter of last year, while Apple Music had 13.7%. This means that many users will now be able to try this feature for themselves.

Sonos Wireless Music Player

Older Sonos soundbars and Play-series speakers won’t support spatial audio as they were built around conventional stereo and surround output. This means that users who want to upgrade to a grander audio experience will need to purchase the Era 300, Arc, or Beam (Gen 2).

It’s unclear if other speaker brands will support Apple Music’s spatial audio, but for now, Sonos has the edge over competitors that may not offer Atmos music at any price point. Although the $299 HomePod is more affordable than the $450 Era 300, it’s worth noting that the Sonos model represents a larger investment but is likely to sound better.

Overall, it’s a thrilling time in music as spatial audio continues to grow, and Sonos continues to put its listeners at the forefront of sound innovation. With Apple Music’s spatial audio now available on Sonos speakers, users can experience transformative sound experiences that allow them to feel more from the content they love.

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