The first ring made by using high-grade liquid and particle simulations… see Liquid Metal by Squids

The first ring made by using high-grade liquid and particle simulations… see Liquid Metal by Squibs

Brooklyn-based, Kansas City-bred designer Squibs has made another breakthrough. The self-taught designer has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with 3D design but with his latest collection, Liquid Metal, he connects his art with fine jewelry. In a new collaboration with creative director Vince Valholla and Bleu Vessel, the first piece from this new collection was released in March, the Liquid Metal Ring.

The ring is the first made by using high-grade liquid and particle simulations and we got the chance to speak with Squibs about his new collection, his 3D Designs, inspirations, and more.

Trending Topic Now: What was your initial thought process behind your Liquid Metal collection?

Squibs: I’ve been experimenting with jewelry for the past few years and really wanted to do something that I hadn’t seen before. Given these pieces are 3D printed in wax and then cast in metal it’s possible to push the boundaries design-wise. I decided liquid-inspired forms would be great; liquid can create very abstract shapes on its own while still maintaining a natural feel. I’m making wearable sculptures, not just jewelry.

How have your surroundings in Brooklyn influenced your designs overall?

Brooklyn and the rest of the city have been a huge inspiration for my recent work. There’s a creative energy here that I’ve never experienced before. I’m constantly surrounded by people who inspire and push me. Every time I think I’ve done something unbeatable I leave the house and find new inspiration.

When it comes to 3D design, what technology or tool are you excited about?

I’m really excited about using stuff like physics simulations and AI to complement (not replace) my traditional strategy. I think people are wrong to think this stuff will remove artists from the conversation. It’s just a new tool in my toolbox.

When it comes to traditional art, what artist’s work do you connect with the most?

It’s really hard to nail it down to just one, but being from the Midwest, I have a soft spot in my heart for classic Americana imagery. Pieces that show people in everyday scenarios but evoke emotion.

What’s your main source of inspiration?

I’m mostly inspired by the way people interact with art but I try to draw from as many different sources as I can. Some days I’ll be inspired by the way construction workers on the street are pouring asphalt. Other times it’s the way people mesh with each other and with inanimate objects. I think these things translate very well into art.

Your work has been featured in numerous galleries and exhibitions throughout the world, (New York, Miami, London and Portugal), what has been your most exciting project?

I’ve shown my work on massive screens and inside eclectic galleries but my favorite projects are the ones I get to work on and display with friends. It’s no fun doing it alone.

LMR001 – Liquid Metal Ring by Squibs

What is next for the collection and your other projects?

I want to continue to expand on simulations and their ability to mimic organic shapes that complement the body’s physical form. It’s an interesting thing to use the most complex and digital processes to create something that resembles nature. That’s where my focus is right now – to make things that feel real, like they were created by the earth.

Follow Squibs on Instagram and order your own Liquid Metal Ring exclusively on Bleu Vessel’s website.

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