best bridges in R&B from the 2020s

Does Vince & The Valholla Empire + ADN Lewis’ “FOREVER” have one of the best bridges in R&B from the 2020s so far?

Record producer Vince Valholla recently tweeted that “FOREVER,” the single from his rotating collective Vince & The Valholla Empire with ADN Lewis had one of the best bridges in R&B from the 2020s. That leads us to question, what are the songs with the best bridges released since January 2020?

“Forever” is a sublime R&B slow jam with retro-nouveau pop touches. The song is an ode to the 90’s sound where music told stories of romance and conflict in relationships. Many R&B releases today bypass the traditional bridge but we think that bridges should appear in more songs. “Forever” is inspired by the 90s without sounding dated. Another thing that this song has that many aren’t doing is the inclusion of the reassurance of love. In the song’s pre-chorus, the lyrics read, “You know my heart, my intentions have been real, right from the start, please believe me.” Now that’s some 90s passionate crooning right there.

“Forever” recently released a trio of remixes and is prepping more releases around the original single. Vince’s rotating collective is also releasing a slew of new music in both Rap and R&B. Follow him and his collective on Instagram.

We need your help with picking the best bridges of the decade so far. Leave up to 5 of your personal favorites of the 2020s below and we’ll pick the best songs in the future post.

Best bridges in R&B from the 2020s so far?

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