playlist mixshow

What’s next after podcasts? Playlist Mixshows

The first podcast can be traced back to the early 2000s. Today, podcasts are plentiful and vary from any topic you could imagine. With numerous memes begging men to stop buying podcast microphones, there’s an obvious inflection point that the world has arrived at. People want something new.

Enter, Playlist Mixshows. Playlist Mixshows are simply playlists that include commentary between the music and have the vibe of a radio show, but on streaming. Streaming companies, for example, Spotify and Apple Music already have implemented commentary within music playlists but this hasn’t been adopted by independent creators, until recently.

With music producer and independent label owner, Vince Valholla’s new playlist mixshow Valholla NOW Radio, he is aiming to lead the way for other creators to create shows that feature music. “Music discovery is in a weird place. Playlists feel less human than ever and podcast listeners need a refresh,” (Vince)

His new show, which is currently only available on Spotify is hosted and curated by Vince and gives listeners a peak at what he’s listening to and commentary on music business news and interviews. “There are so few platforms that allow artists to be featured on a show and talk about the music, with no need to go into gossip. This is the perfect way to introduce people to music as well.” (Vince)

The record producer is also expecting more YouTubers to create shows that are centered around music and music videos like the days of MTV and BET. If Vince’s predictions are true, this could be the next frontier for creators and a huge opportunity for discovery for artists, managers, and labels.

Listen to the latest episode of Valholla NOW Radio here and to listen how it’s intended, don’t listen on shuffle. Available only on Spotify.